Are you wondering what’s holding you back in your career?

Are you having trouble figuring out what is next?

Do you lack passion in your work?

As a busy executive, you juggle a number of unique challenges: staying abreast of the marketplace, developing and implementing a sound strategic vision for your company, developing and leading your teams, and continually growing your own abilities and skill set. All of this within an ever-changing, increasingly fast-paced corporate environment where you’re being asked to do more with less.

As an executive coach, I provide insight and guidance to help you overcome challenges, drawing on my three decades of experience in the corporate environment, as an entrepreneur, and a small business owner . Whether your focus is the next phase of your career or the next frontier for your business, I help you develop and implement an action plan to achieve results, accelerate progress, and increase fulfillment.

In our initial sessions, we’ll determine your desired end result, then work together to achieve it. I’ll help you set goals and priorities, guide you in decision-making and strategy development, and hold you accountable each step of the way. Throughout the process, I will always honor and emphasize your unique qualities, so you achieve both success and satisfaction without compromising yourself.

Peggie Dickens, M.A., LMHC
Solution-oriented Counseling & Coaching
Seattle * Bainbridge Island

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