Do you feel you’re not achieving your greatest potential?

Do you feel something is preventing you from truly enjoying your life and those around you?

Do you feel there’s something “more” to life?

Realizing the necessity of change is truly half the battle toward creating a new life for yourself. Even if you aren’t sure what to change – or how you’ll get there – it can be a challenge to navigate unknown territory and make decisions that propel you toward your desired result. Whether you’re making a career transition, starting a new business, reevaluating your life choices, or simply feeling stagnant, coaching provides support and clarity as you work toward your desired achievements. These situations can occur throughout your life, at any age – whether you’re facing issues related to midlife transition, or a young adult (age 17-25), looking to gain clarity on the life path before you.

As a Certified Personal Coach, I work with you as part of an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action. I believe in you when you don’t, offering an unparalleled commitment to your development that gives you the strength and discipline to continually progress toward your goals. I utilize skilled listening that allows me to not only hear what you’re saying, but what you’re not saying. Through my deep sense of interest regarding what matters to you – not your family, not your colleagues, not society – I help you discover your true passions, beliefs, and goals. I then work with you to develop concrete avenues that allow you to realize your potential, and create joy and balance, while enjoying the process.

I have three decades of experience as a business owner, manager, employee, mother, spouse, caretaker, daughter of aging parents, and active member of my community. I understand first-hand the multi-faceted pressures you face in your life – and this serves as a powerful asset in working with you to create positive change.

Peggie Dickens, M.A., LMHC
Solution-oriented Counseling & Coaching
Seattle * Bainbridge Island

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